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The Advocacy Alliance Pooled Special Needs Trust Announcement

The Advocacy Alliance is proud to announce the addition of a new program to our services. We are now able to offer a Pooled Special Needs Trust to our consumers by approval of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

The Advocacy Alliance Pooled Special Needs Trust allows disabled beneficiaries the opportunity to place their assets in trust through a Master Trust and Joinder Agreement. When disabled beneficiaries join the Advocacy Alliance Pooled Special Needs trust, their assets will be held and managed in a separate account that is “pooled” with other beneficiaries’ funds to maximize earnings potential through investments.

One of the advantages of a pooled special needs trust is that the initial investment can be small to allow disabled individuals, their parents, or their grandparents to participate without the legal costs of developing a standard special needs trust. Once the individual is enrolled in the trust, they can add to the trust without the concern of losing benefits. The disabled beneficiaries’ assets that are used to fund the trust will not be considered available resources in determining the beneficiaries’ eligibility for Medical Assistance.

The funds placed in the trust are available for the beneficiary’s use upon request for approved supplemental needs and care.

The purpose of the Advocacy Alliance Pooled Special Needs Trust is to promote the comfort and happiness of the beneficiaries and to improve their quality of life. Please see our Trust Services brochure for more details.

Please contact Mary Jane Yevics, Director of Guardianship/Trust Services, or Gail Powers, Chief Financial Officer, toll free at 877-315-6855 with any questions or if we can be of service to you.