Staff Resources

Welcome to the Advocacy Alliance’s Staff Resources page.

This is a password-protected, employee-only page so please don’t share login information with anyone outside the company.

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Below is a listing of staff resources and forms for your use and convenience:

Annual Trainings (Required)

Active Shooter Training (This training contains a link to a video that may be disturbing to some individuals.)

Bloodborne Pathogens: Knowledge is Your First Defense (Video)

Driver Training

Safe Driving Distance

TAA Vehicle Fleet Safety Handbook

Quiz for Driver Training

Email Security Best Practices (Video)

Email Etiquette

Harassment Training for Managers (Video)

Quiz for Harassment Training for Managers

Harassment Training for Non-Managers (Video)

Quiz for Harassment Training for Non-Managers

HIPAA (Video)

Whistleblower Policy

Annual Trainings Acknowledgement Sheet

Staff Trainings

Effective Nonprofit Board Engagement: Best Practices, Strategies & Tools (Optional Training)

Mental Health Issues Among Non-Profit Staff: Addressing the Elephant in the Room (Video) (Optional Training)

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse Training

Advocacy Alliance Employee Assistance Program

Guardian Employee Assistance Program

Advocacy Alliance Documents

Mission Statement
Strategic Plan
Table of Organization

Advocacy Alliance Policies and Manuals

Consumer/Family Member Grievance Procedure
Emergency Response Plan
Personnel Policy Manual Amended May 2022

Advocacy Alliance Forms

Automobile Accident/Injury Reporting Form
Automobile Log
Check Request Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Credit Card Form
Employee Assistance Program, Option 1
Expense Reimbursement Form
Fiduciary Credit Card Reporting Form
FSA Claim Form
Meal Reimbursement Policy
Mileage Reimbursement Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Overtime Compensation Sheet
Phone Duty Time Sheet
Phone List by location-Scranton Offices
Phone List by location-Other Offices
Supply Order Form
Telephone Recording Script for Voice Mail
Time Sheet
Training Request Form
Workplace Injury/Accident Reporting Form

Fax Cover Sheets

Fax Cover Sheet – Allentown (Eastern PA HCQU/Community Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – Bloomsburg (Community Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – Hershey (South Central PA HCQU)
Fax Cover Sheet – Lehighton (Community Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – Pottsville (Community Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – Wilkes-Barre (Rep Payee)
Fax Cover Sheet – 716 Myrtle St, 1st Floor (Rep Payee)
Fax Cover-Sheet – 823 Jefferson Ave, 1st Floor (Advocacy/Community Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – 823 Jefferson Ave, 2nd Floor (Fiduciary/Guardianship/Trust Services)
Fax Cover Sheet – 823 Jefferson Ave, 3rd Floor (Administration)
Fax Cover Sheet – 835 Jefferson Ave (Recovery Center)
Fax Cover Sheet – 841 Jefferson Ave (Northeastern PA HCQU)
Fax Cover Sheet – 846 Jefferson Ave (Rep Payee)

Advocacy Alliance Organizational Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

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